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Science is a failure: No one need to do any work, we can play, relax, romance, eat and sleep, and simply live happily in this world IF science and technology was really successful in human life. But after so much of development in science and technology for hundreds of year we are still working very hard and hard, this simply indicates that science and technology failed in improving our life.

Suspicion: This is one of the biggest sickness of human mind. For many small things you suspect the other person, you suspect the situation. Your suspicion (with the help of your own sub conscious mind) will prepare other people's mind and the situation to make your suspicion come true. If you keep on suspecting intensely for a long time that will surely come true. And you never suspect some thing positively, your mind always suspects something negatively, that is more dangerous.

Please don't suspect any thing until you look at the fact with proof. If you really want to suspect, suspect some thing positively; like, "am I going to be rich soon", "am  I going to get a good news", ...

How do you fail: No body in this world can make you fail except one person. All they can do is delay your successes, but they can never make you fail. But that one person can make you fail. To succeed, you just have to face and take care of that one person, you just have to win only one person. That one person is you.

Revenge: If a dog bark at you, do you bark it back? If your friend delay to reply your email and due to that you also do the same it is slavery - in a way. That is, if you do some thing on your own that is freedom, if you respond to a situation on your own (depending on the necessity of that situation) that is also freedom, but if you respond to a situation depending on how other person does that is slavery, (that is not action, it is reaction, this way the other person can manipulate you to do some thing). This is going into philosophy, may be boring to you, but if you understand this and be aware of this in every situation you can be really free from stress.

Right place: If I stand in the bus stop I feel like going quickly in the next available bus, if I go to fast food restaurant I feel like eating fast, if I go to a large restaurant I feel like eating slowly, if I go to a business center I wish to do my own business, if I go to the bank I wish to become a rich, same is the case with every crowded place. If you are little bit sensitive you can see your mind is feeling and thinking differently at different places. Why?

When you think any thing some energy flows out of your mind with that thought written in it. It can flow from one mind to another, it can wait at a place and enter into another mind another time. When it enters into another mind it will make that mind to think similar way. So when you enter into place where many people have left their thoughts that are similar, you are sure to get the same.

So, when you want to do some thing new, choose a place where the same thing is done by many people successfully, then you will also think in the same line and be successful in that. Being successful in some thing is not going to give you happiness - that is another topic - but do it at the right place.

Same is the case with time, at different times you will get different feeling in the same place.

Dreams: Dreaming is nothing but thinking(imagination) while you are halfsleep. While we are awake, as and when a thought comes we will judge it with commonsense and accept or reject it and quickly switch to next thought. While we are halfsleeping if the thought comes we will leave it as it is and it goes on like a story.


Meditations General Talks Questions Me My Gurus Oshin