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Meditate while you work: (This is like Relaxing Meditation) (This can be done any time with our spending time for it)

Any time when you are doing any thing "you feel each part of your body one by one". It is like multi threading, part of the mind is watching while rest is doing the normal life. Always you may forget it, no problem it is natural, remember and start again. It is very simple but VERY powerful, try it, you will feel always fresh and active. If you can do this at least 5% of the time every day you will become successful/happy in your life.

How it works: For every bad energy that is present in you, your body gives a corresponding sensation on different part of your body. While your mind attends to any particular part, the subconscious mind flows energy to heal that corresponding bad energy, in turn you body is cured, minds is energized, you become fresh. Try it your self and experience it to believe.

Relaxing meditation: (This is one of the easiest and time saving meditation for beginners) (This is like the above.)

When ever you are relaxing, while going to sleep or while just resting on a chair. Scan your body with your mind, move with in your body, from toe to head, from one part to other part, keep sensing the sensation of each and every part, let that part relax, and let you mind fully attend to it watching it relaxing - one by one, each part of your body. The key is sensing (no thinking).

How it works: Same as the above.

Sound Meditation:

Sit on a chair relaxed, Close your eyes, hear the sounds, hear all the sounds that are heard simultaneously. Do not think about any sound, do not follow any sound, just hear them. At any time any place there will be be many sounds, some are continuous and some are intermediate, when you hear an intermediate sound do not forget the other continuous sound. Try to hear as many sound as possible at the same time, do not miss any one. You can do this few minutes to half an hour.

How it works: Separating one single sound ignoring all other unwanted sounds is not an easy job. If you try to do this in a computer it is almost impossible, it needs a lot of processing. But our mind is filtering all the unwanted sounds and hears only that which is need, it does this instantaneously all the time. If you can stop filtering for few seconds, the mind will be freed for that time, which is very relaxing.

Where you have pain there you go:. As soon as you wake up in the morning, stay on the bed for 10 minutes, close your eyes and move your mind with in your body parts searching for painful area, attend to the pain, one by one, that is all - very simple.

Listen to the sound in you:. When you listen to music (or while playing yourself) close your eyes and attend to the sound in your belly near the navel. Sound will hit your ear, it will be processed by your brain, then it will be filtered by your mind, and then it reaches YOU. This reaching point is in your stomach, just listen there. Some time the sound reaching you at the stomach may be delayed a bit and different a bit, just listen it, nothing to do.

Watch your body: There is a company running a small scale manufacturing unit. The organization set up is like this, there is "the owner" on top, "a manager" under him and there are "35 workers" under the manager. The owner is very intelligent, and manager too is very intelligent.

But workers are running here and there with out any direction, some are working and some are not working some are even damaging things. The business is running in loss.

The manager and the owner are very seriously discussing in the meeting room about "how to improve the company". And this discussion is going on every day, they never come to see the workers. The manager has video shooting of all the past, and he also has future plan in video (generated with advanced computer graphic animation) and these are regularly shown to the owner.

Some times the owner asks the manager about the existing situation, the manager explains the true present, owner is unhappy, then the manager shows new modified plan (animation picture) then owner is some what satisfied seeing the new future forecast. And this goes on and on and on....

I met the owner one day and told him only one thing "look at your workers".

From that day onwards he stopped seeing the movies of the manager, he just claimed up the balcony, stood there and simply started staring the workers. Then the manager came up with new idea, he asked the owner to sit in the room and the manager started giving commentary about each and every worker's movement. And he started showing a better pictures again. And every thing came back to square one.

I met the owner once again and told him "look at the workers", "and if the manager comes in-between look at the manager too, do not look at what the manager is showing, but look at the manager".

But when ever the owner wanted to see the manager the manager was behind the picture, so owner has to see the picture again. (The manager is not a bad boy, he was just busy planning "how to improve" and presenting it to the owner). So the owner did not know how to see the manager, then he started looking at all workers one by one. They slowly started working properly. Then the manager was pushed by the workers to provide things for them, then the manager slowly moved to take care of the workers. By and by the owner practiced in such a way that he can look at all the workers at the same time, and every thing started going fine.

After some time he also learned to see the manager, after that when he started seeing the manager the manager dropped all the pictures and started taking care of day to day work full time. No communication was needed only watching (witnessing) was the key to success.

The workers are parts of your BODY
The manager is your MIND
The owner is YOU

Read it again and practice.

Think right: If God comes in front of you and ask you "what do you want", you will say I want this and that, and if he he says "these are small, ask me bigger than that", then you will say I want that and this, again if he says "all those are small ask me the biggest", finally you can say "what ever I think that should happen" - this is the biggest you can ask. As soon as you tell this, God will say  "This is what I have already given to you, but you are not using it properly".

Swami Vivekananda Said: "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success."

This is true. How it works? When you think of some thing your energy carries that idea and flows out of your mind and that energy tries to make that happen. And if you go on accumulating the same energy by thinking the same thing all the time then that amount of energy concentrated on one thing is huge and it will make it happen. But actually you are thinking many things one by one, every three seconds you change your thought. If you fill fuel to your vehicle and drive it in one direction when the fuel is finished it will reach some where, but if you keep on changing the direction every 3 seconds where will you reach. This is what is happening to your life with the help of your mind as the steering.

If you think some thing it will happen to you. If you want it for you it will happen to you. If you want it for some one else still it will happen to you. If you do not want it and you keep thinking about it will still happen to you. Whether you want or do not want - that does not matter at all, if you think it will happen to you. Whether you want for you or for other it will happen to you only. So think right.

More meditations will be added as I get time.

Write up that is waiting for fine tuning:

Can your mind be silent for 5 minutes per day? just 5 minutes. If it can, you can live the whole day cheerfully. Try this, no talking inside, no thinking, not even thinking that you are silent, it is too difficult. We are living as a slave of our mind. It is not possible to disobey our mind. Awareness can topple the mind, but we need mind's help to become aware. So we have to try some work-around to develop awareness, i have three suggestions now.

1. You can switch to sensing from thinking, sense the whole body part by part.

2. You can observe 4 stages of your breathing (In, U-Turn, Out and U-Turn).

3. Do to the best quality of what you do, with full heart and full attention. For example, opening the door - do it as if defusing a bomb that can explode the earth. Every single thing you do, do it to the best, not to reduce the speed, not to let others know that you are doing a zen meditation, but with in you you know that you are doing it.

Any of these technique, you can do the whole day while doing some thing else. But you will forget it again and again. You can use some situations to remind you, for example when ever you walk alone you do, when ever you hear the bird's sound you do, when ever you see a vehicle you do, etc..


Meditations General Talks Questions Me My Gurus Oshin